A few more books that I love

5x7 Index Cards
3 x 5 front 3 x 5 back

I just completed 4 more index-card books for writing scripture verses and notes.  These make me happy because they’re fun to work on and fun to give to people.  They help me because I can see how God’s been working in my life in certain seasons and especially it’s His word, straight from the bible without any other words.  I write down just verses that the Holy Spirit points me to and deals with me about.  It keeps all His specific, directional words toward me close.  In the pictures above, the left book is a 5×7 and the two pictures on the right are 3×5’s, front and back.

Try it yourself, or make some with a friend or relative.  It’s perfect for a rainy day and everybody can participate. It’s so easy and you can tailor it to interests – cats, dogs, pretty, soft, outdoorsy, fishing – or make one for a special event like a birthday.  Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Target or even the grocery stores carry index cards and scrapbooking materials.  Get some 3×5 or 5×7 spiral index cards, then head to the scrapbook aisle and buy  paper, a glue stick (Elmer’s Craft Glue), a few embellishments and voila! (Embellishments go on sale all the time.  Usually 50% off so it’s worth the wait.) You may already have wrapping paper, Christmas paper, photos or Xeroxed copies of photos.  If so, you’ve got all you need to make your own scripture index-cards.  If you’re not memorizing the bible, this will help you to do so as you read and re-read the scriptures you’ve written.  Put the date you wrote it and use a highlighter if it has special meaning for you, if it’s a rhema word.  You’ll *know* if it’s rhema because the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you as such.  You’re basically copying the bible onto your own little index-card-set so it’s very much a personalized bible of how God has spoken to you throughout your life, yet it’s very easy to do.  Sometimes journals are too much writing and not enough listening.  That’s what I was finding.  I wanted to hear what the Holy Spirit had to say to me. I purchased the plain index cards that had red, white and blue lettering on the front.  It was so businesslike and not pretty at all.  Plus, I much prefer the softer teals and pinks. One day I tried using some scrapbooking paper to cover the front and make it look pretty.  It worked.  Then I thought, “What about adding embellishments?”  And then these came into being.  Let your own imagination take over as you create a pretty book(s) to house your lifetime conversation with God.

God will bless you as you study His word.  The more you pull close to God, the more He’ll pull close to you.  The more you write,  the more you’ll  want to write, and the more you’ll be blessed, because you’ll be in His word, and then He can guide and direct you.  Check out Zephaniah 3:17 and write that as your first verse in your index book and date it. God is speaking this verse to you.  He wants you to know this is how He feels about you.


The Bible Challenge




I was challenged by April Hamp 5 days ago to post a passage of scripture per day for 7 days! Today is day 5 and here are several thoughts to meditate on, two scriptures:

1) “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters. He brought me into a spacious place; He rescued me because He delighted in me.” 2 Sam 22:17,20 NIV

2) “For You, O LORD will bless the righteous; with favor You will surround him as with a shield.” Ps 5:12 KJV

Here’s what the Lord is doing for us:

He saves us. He pulls us from deep waters of – deep waters( what kind of mess did he pull you from? deep waters…), and rescues us!! Then, He puts us in a big, comfortable place!! Why?? Because He Delights in us! Think: my God, He *delights* in me. He thinks I’m the best! I’m His BFF. Really – it’s kind of a hard concept to really take hold of – He Delights in *me*??  Why yes, He thinks I’m just awesome. When that sinks in, no person on earth will be able to bring you down. If God delights in you, who else really matters, right? lol My God the creator of the universe, He delights in me?!  I’ll receive that.

Then, not only did He reach down to me, rescue me, bring me to a spacious place and delight in me, He favors me! hahaha…He Blesses me, He puts favor 360 degrees all around me. Like a shield is His favor towards me. How does it get any better than this? We got reach, we got rescue, we got replanted, we got delighted over, we got blessing, we got favor – all around us like a shield – we got protection by favor!!  Oh wait, it says He blesses the righteous.  How do I become righteous?  You ask God to make you one of His, don’t turn Him away.  Desire His blessings, His reaching, His rescuing, His favor.  He doesn’t force Himself on you but if you want Him to help you, He thinks you’re great and He will gladly make you righteous.  Then, your life will forever be changed.  He’s faithful to do as He says, and here are two, only two, verses of His promises of how He will make your life more abundant.

Grab all of God’s blessings. Just think about these two verses. Just take a couple bites…just these two, let them sink in. Chew slowly. Write them down on a spiral-bound 3×5 or 4×6 card that you buy from Office Depot or Target or even the grocery store and scrapbook the cover. (see photos)  Each time you find a verse that means something to you, write it in your little book and you’ll always be able to read what God has spoken to you, directly, called a “Rhema” word.  A rhema word is a word spoken from God, usually read in the bible and when you read it, you know He’s talking to you. You’ll feel like remembering that verse, or  you’ll start crying or want to cry, or get really happy because you’ll know God is with you and He’s telling you it’s all going to be okay, or better.  He’s the Spirit of Love and Light that will guide you to live your best life.  Ever.  The one and only Holy Spirit.  Accept no substitutes.

2015-04-21 23.33.14 2015-04-21 23.33.00 3x5 Spiral Index Cards

God’s Gift of 56

Last year on my 55th birthday I went to IHOP because that’s what I’d seen my parents do. They went to IHOP when they became seniors and it was a very big event.   It seemed fitting that I should carry on the tradition.  I had mixed emotions about my first “senior” breakfast.  While I got the 10% off for being a “senior,”  I felt, old and suddenly it became quite clear why it was a big deal for mom and dad too.  Ah, I “got” it.

IHOP,  however,  just happened to be celebrating their 56th birthday. There were celebration posters, balloons, “Happy 56th” and all was happy. Happy Happy!!

There was a placard on the table that seemed to jump out at me with it’s sunshine “Happy 56th” theme.  It continued to stand out until I finally understood it to be prophetic.   I thanked God for the revelation that I would turn 56 also, and continued eating.  It was an ordinary thing.  Of course I was going to turn 56 next year.  I was grappling with turning 55 so why are we focusing on turning 56 God?  What’s the big deal? Why does this keep jumping out at me? But you know how God is, He’ll show you things and you’ve got to search out the meaning.

During the course of the year, the 56th-birthday prophecy began to make more sense as four people who had been very influential in my life perished in small-plane accidents. Two were my friends and instructors and two were well-known speakers, Myles and Ruth Munroe.   I knew them all and socialized briefly with Tori Wedan and Oliver Frascona.  Tori’s three sons also perished, though I never knew them. The adults were at the height of their careers. Each was happy, in love.  All were financially prosperous and in good health.   They were, “living the dream” as we say.  I thought that somehow, having it all meant they were going to continue.  “Having it all” is what we live for, right?  But, having it all, being happy, fulfilled, having money does not make you immune to death. Being a scholar or lawyer or entrepreneur or mother, father, speaker doesn’t stop you from dying.

Oliver won’t be teaching the annual CREC 2015 update class this year.   Dr. Munroe won’t lead the Global Leadership Forum.  Tori won’t take my reservation and her boys will never make it to their baseball game, college, marriage.  But while they lived, they lived in abundance. Their lives made a difference.  They were far-reaching leaders who made an impact on many people’s lives.  They affected us for the better.  They were mentors, leaders and influencers who loved life. Last year at IHOP, God taught me a lesson about death, framed by the celebration of life.

I miss my instructors, mentors and colleagues.  I wish I could hear one more lecture, one more joke, share one more smile, hug one more hug.  But, I am happy to be “vertical,” as Oliver would say.  I am grateful to you Lord, for showing me the gift of 56 and the gift of seniorhood.  Not everybody makes it here, but You oh Lord have allowed me to, and I am blessed.  I cherish your Holy Spirit prophesying this very day from last year when You wished me a Happy 56th on my 55th birthday.  (Who else does that but God?)

Mixed emotions? Not anymore.  I’ll take that 10% whenever I can get it, and rejoice at my age and  learn how to live in abundance.  My heavenly husband and father, thank you for the gift of 56.  I receive it.  To my fellow men and women who have gone before, I look very much forward to seeing you again.

Oliver Frascona

Oliver Frascona, Esq.

Tori and sons

Tori Rains-Wedan and her 3 boys, Austin (11), Mason (15) and Hunter (11)

Myles and Ruth Munroe

Dr. Myles and Ruth Munroe, Pastor and Founder of Bahamas Faith Ministries.



Loving God as husband

This past February, Valentine’s Day to be specific, I was asking (complaining to) God if He could show me what it’s like to have a real, flesh and blood husband.  Someone who could sing me love songs and send flowers and be romantic.  I was feeling lonely because of Valentine’s Day and I just voiced my feelings to God, really thinking that He couldn’t.  Romance.  I’ve had so little of it in my life.  Will it ever happen?  I know God is my husband, but sometimes I just want a real body. Someone to “woo” me, especially on Valentine’s day.  God is Spirit.  How can He give me goose bumps like a real flesh’n blood man might?

To my great surprise, the next day, although Valentine’s Day was past, He sent me the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.  God had some station on the radio that I never listen to but just happened to be listening to that day, broadcast Him, yes, this station was broadcasting God Himself!  And, He was singing to me!  Thankfully, while I was in my car I hadn’t yet pulled out of the driveway, because I was very weak-knee’d and blushing – verklempt even.  God was singing Nat King Cole’s, “Unforgettable” to me, and I knew that I knew that it was for me!!!  I was blushing just as if a real boyfriend had been sitting next to me with flowers and chocolates and telling me I was unforgettable. I quite knew it was God when He sang how incredible it was that someone as unforgettable as me thought He was unforgettable too!  “Forever more, that’s how you’ll stay…”  Forever.  Eternity.  Wow…my God, my husband was wooing me, I was blushing, tears dripping off my cheeks. His presence in the car was intimate and it was just us two. He called me, “Darling.”  Hearing this most magnificent voice come through the speakers.  What a wonderful man to do that for me. I still get excited when I think of Him answering my call so vividly and quickly.  He didn’t want me to be or feel alone this Valentine’s Day.

So here I am this evening, listing to Nicole Mullen’s rendition of “My Redeemer Lives” and I can’t think of a better song to sing back to God, my husband.  He is not only, “Unforgettable,” but He lives!  “I’ve talked with Him this morning, How awesome He is –  He tells the ocean how far it can go, He shows the moon where to hide till evening.  His words alone can catch a falling star. How impressed I am with Him.  All of creation testifies, this life within me cries….I know my redeemer lives.  He runs to the weary, the worn and the weak.  The same gentle hands that hold me when I’m broken, they conquered death to bring me victory.  He lives to take away my shame!  Forever I’ll proclaim, My Redeemer Lives.”

I’m filled with love for Him this evening.  My heart overflows.  I adore Him. He amazes me. Tonight, this song captures my heart for my heavenly husband.

One Who Will Never Leave

I want to share with you where I have found solace in my heart; where I have found true, lasting love and love that surpasses all earthly love.  It’s kind of a funny letter to write but I want you to know about a spiritual man, Jesus Christ, who came to reclaim our souls from this world.

I can only speak of how He saved my life in the waters of Cabo San Lucas. He drew me out of deep waters, literally and figuratively.   He drew me out of poverty and poverty thinking. He planted my feet on firm ground and now He shows me that I am unique, beautiful and worthy of being loved.

It tore me apart when the love of my life left.  When he asked me to never leave him I thought he was asking me to marry him.  I was crazy about him.  But then he was gone, leaving only a letter behind. “I love you, Goodbye.”  I was shattered.   I washed clothes, cleaned the house, the grout, the ice cube trays…anything that would keep my mind off the truth.

Twenty-five years later, Jesus found me, a lady who wasn’t living, and perhaps had never lived.  He saw my brokenness, my wounds and my loneliness and He loved me.  He scooped me into His arms and promised He would never leave me.  He became my husband in this world.  He has protected me, given me provision and shown me a future.  He goes before me and makes a way.  He goes behind me and protects me.  He forgives and He loves.  He prospers and He heals.

I want you to know Him too.  He is a living and loving God that never changes.  Never.  You never have to pull pages 32-35 and replace them with the new and improved pages 32-35.  He’s not the punitive God that you may have learned of growing up.  He forgives our weaknesses and all that we do because He is perfect love.

He’s come to give us an abundant life – abundant in health, in money, in relationships, love and all that we do, so that we can be a blessing to others.  He brings joy and peace.  He never leaves nor forsakes us, and I pray that you turn to Him for all the trials in your life.  I pray that He bring healing, restoration,  blessing and joy into your life as he did in mine.  He is a God of miracles.

Live Where You Live

Live Where You Live

This is a post my girlfriend sent me as I was ruminating about moving.  I realized I’d been thinking about moving for, maybe five years now.  And, was I “living” where I live, or trying to find a fantasy life?  Well, this blog by Suzanne Eller was the perfect meal.  I don’t know how to trackback this article, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



May 13, 2013

Live Where You Live by Suzie Eller

“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11 (NIV)

The spring air was crisp. Just right for a hike up Sparrow Hawk Mountain. Richard and I stood at the edge of the cliff, watching the winding river meander along the banks below.

When we moved here three years ago, this quickly became one of our favorite places to hike. “It’s so beautiful,” I said. And then with a sigh, “I wonder if we’ll live here after you graduate.”

Richard took me by my hands. “We live here now, Suzie,” he said. “Don’t you see that?”

No, honestly I didn’t. We had moved to this small college community when Richard went back to school to receive his master’s degree. We stayed on as he earned the 3,000 hours needed for his license. I saw our move as temporary, and even though it had been three years, I mentally lived in limbo.

I thought about our next move often. Where would God take us? Would it be somewhere new? Perhaps God would lead us back to our old community. I dreamed and planned it out over and over again. Not knowing where we’d end up made me discontented. I didn’t feel settled or at peace.

That day, after coming down the mountain, I wrote in big letters in my journal: Live where you live.

It was time to put down roots right where I was, and be content in the present, regardless of where God might take us in the future.

Paul the apostle never knew exactly where he might be next. He landed in extremely difficult situations for a few days, and at other times lingered with new friends. Sometimes the doors opened immediately for his next move, and at other times he waited for years. But Paul was content where he was, wherever that might be, in whatever situation he found himself.

What was his secret? One commentary shares it like this:

Paul learned to leave it to others if they would, to be discontented. But he, on his part, learned by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, and the dealings of Providence (Hebrews 5:8), to be content in every state.*

As I determined to “live where I live,” rather than living with my thoughts and heart wrapped around a future I could not see, I began my days like this:

Father, show me Your plan for today and help me accept it.

God, let me not be so farsighted that I miss the miracles around me right now.

Lord, help me to celebrate small gifts of this day.

Slowly the door to contentment opened. I began to invest in the community I lived in, enjoyed the scenery even more, and developed relationships with those around me.

It’s been two years since our conversation in Sparrow Hawk. Richard and I found out this past month that we are moving. God did indeed open a door that will uproot us to a new state with a new church, new friends and new possibilities.

I’m packing my house and preparing for the move, but just yesterday my neighbors dropped by with their girls.

Trinity, who is six, showed me a turtle she had found. Macey, age two, climbed in the flower bed to peek at a purple-striped petunia.

Yes, there are new adventures ahead, but today I celebrate the joy of having close neighbors, and am satisfied with sitting with a sweet toddler with a pretty petunia in her hair.

Dear Jesus, You are the God of my future. You whispered plans in my heart, but the journey to that destination is just as important. Help me plant roots in today, and be content with what is in front of me as I trust You with tomorrow. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

“I will betroth…

“I will betroth you to me forever; yes, I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in lovingkindness and in compassion, and I will betroth you to me in faithfulness. Then you will know the Lord.” Hosea 2:19-20 NASB

What a beautiful description of marriage and how “Love” marries.  God is love!  And Love marries us.  The God of all creation marries us, and here in Hosea He tells us how.  He also says that after marriage we know the Lord.  First God tells us what He will do, then He tells us what the result of this union, of this commitment is – knowing Him:


In Righteousness

In Justice

In Lovingkindness

In Compassion

In Faithfulness

Just a little teaching from our heavenly Father on love and marriage.  Beautiful.  His words and his teachings are just beautiful.